CarsForMovies - Filmfahrzeuge, Moviecars und Film Autos mieten bundesweit.

CarsForMovies provides action and picture vehicles on land, water and in the air. From the parked Oldtimer as background right up to the LearJet in the air – everything is possible. Working closely with art department and production, we take care of scheduling and budgeting, coordination and handling, for studio and independent productions.



Are you looking for a particular model of vehicle which you may be requiring for a local or international Film production, an Event, an Advertise or a Photo shoot?

CarsForMovies has a large and continually growing pool of film vehicles that can be ordered at anytime and nationwide.

Our CarPool offers the right vehicle of your choice out of various epochs for every Film scene, Advertise shooting, Photo and Events. Regardless of whether you need a Cabrio, Oldtimer, Sports car, Limousine or a Tractor, there is nothing that we can’t get it for you.


"The perfect car out of various epochs for every Film scene"


Our newest Stars in the CarPool


CarsForMovies - Filmfahrzeuge, Moviecars und Film Autos mieten bundesweit.



Do you wish to admire your vehicle in a cine film or a TV series or just rent it out for events?

We collaborate with Event, TV and cine production operators who request for and book different models of vehicles everyday from us. CarsForMovies offers you at no charge the chance of getting your vehicle found by our partners.

CarsForMovies guarantees that your vehicles will be handled with care and even insures your vehicle accordingly. That’s not all; you can decide yourself, if your vehicle should be driven on the set by you, by the actor or one of our employees.

Once you have all the papers, such as images, vehicle details etc., then register your vehicle with CarsForMovies.